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LD - Pattern Creator icon A complex and user friendly application that helps you seamlessly create and edit vector-based graphics for various LDraw patterns

Vector-based graphics have evolved a lot since their appearance, and they are in a strong competition with raster graphics, each with its pros and cons.

Images built with vector-based tools have an amazing propriety: they can be scaled by any amount without degrading quality. This comes in conflict with bitmap images, that lose quality with each scaling or magnification, due to the fact that they are based on pixels.

Generate 3D patterns in a user-friendly interface

Although converting vector graphics to raster ones in easy, the opposite is not that simple, since pixels cannot retain complex mathematical expressions or model linearity.

LD - Pattern Creator is a complex vector-based development tool for textured LDraw image models. LDraw models can be divided into steps, meaning that the building constructions can be embedded into the design.

LDraw consists of a system of tools created to model Lego models in 3D on a computer. LD - Pattern Creator uses the model library of LDraw, which is under continuous maintenance and update ever since it's creation.

Ample model improvements

Apart from the default models loaded from the LDraw library, you can create new models and improve your own model database.

Furthermore, you can improve any of the existing models, by modifying their proprieties, or the base values of their vertices, primitives and coordinates.

Flexible data import and export

LD - Pattern Creator allows you to import model data from DAT and project it on various orientation planes in a virtual 3D XYZ space.

This comes in handy when you define primitives and other mathematical functions, since pinpointing every coordinate is easy. You can also export files as raster graphics or create bitmap templates.


Although vector-based graphics are still under development, because most devices support raster graphics, LD - Pattern Creator makes it easy for you to learn to handle mathematical expressions and create quality base models.

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LD - Pattern Creator was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo

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