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Autopano Video icon Create complex 360° panoramic videos with ease, using the simple drag and drop function which this powerful software solution offers

Panoramic videos provide you with an incredible experience, offering you a 360° view of any captured scenes. Creation of such panoramic scenery can be done by “weaving” several videos of the same overall image, captured from another angle.

Autopano Video is a handy tool that can help you accomplish this. It helps you quickly stitch several videos into a single one, whilst creating a panoramic view of the combined images.

Reliable video handler for creating panoramic scenery

The application allows you to easily combine the contents of several video files, thus creating a large one that displays a panoramic view of all the videos at once. This way, you are able to generate a video file that offers a composed panoramic scenery of the captured images.

Furthermore, you can quickly synchronize the videos that compose your panoramic scenery, so that they bind harmoniously and create an output video that seems natural and flowing. The sound streams of your videos are automatically synchronized to generate a steady track.

Intuitive utility for creating panorama videos

Autopano Video can help you quickly integrate several video files into a single panoramic one, allowing you to change the blending method from smooth to sharp masking or viceversa.

Aside from this, the application provides you with a real-time preview of the resulting panoramic video, allowing you to make any adjustments on the spot. For instance, you are able to change the frame delay in case the output file seems unsynchronized.


To sum it up, Autopano Video is ideal for creating panoramic videos by combining several similar ones into a larger file. In order to be able to stitch videos, they must have matching frame rates. Although the application does not have a feature to change this, the addition of one would certainly be a welcomed improvement.

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Autopano Video was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo

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