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CoolProp icon A cross-platform alternative to NIST REFPROP which you can use to study fluid thermodynamic and transport properties in a simple manner

Users who work in the industry of refrigerants and refrigerant agents might be using the REFPROP application for their analysis of thermodynamic and transport properties of fluids.

CoolProp is an alternative to the program mentioned above, which will offer people a thermophysical property database coupled with wrappers for a selection of various programming environments.

Providing similar functionality to REFPROP, it functions on some of the following programming IDEs: Python, CSharp, Java, Julia, MathCAD, MatLab, PHP, etc.

This cross-platform library is based on reference-accuracy equations of state and transport property correlations for refrigerants such as water, CO2, R134a, nitrogen, argon, ammonia, air, R404a, R410a, propane and others.

In addition to its refrigerants database, CoolProp also provides a secondary selection of working fluid properties and it can also make use of the REFPROP if applicable.

People will also benefit from calculations for humid air properties, which are based on  ASHRAE Research Project-1585.

The library implements pure and pseudo-pure fluid equations of state and transport properties for 122 components, mixture properties based on high-accuracy Helmholtz energy formulations, correlations of properties of incompressible fluids and brines.

Furthermore, psychrometric routines of the highest accuracy are bundled, all in a user-friendly interface that also provides cubic equations of state (SRK, PR).

Refrigerant properties Refrigerant database Reference-accuracy equations Refrigerant Fluid Thermodynamics Transport

CoolProp 6.1.0 / 6.1.1 Dev

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