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Suicide Squad - Special Ops icon Three tough criminals have a hard mission on their hands in this fast-paced first-person shooter inspired by the upcoming Hollywood blockbuster

The oldest trick in the book when it comes to making a quick buck is developing a video game for a blockbuster movie, because it doesn’t really need to be good, it just needs to be flashy and attract the attention of those who enjoyed the movie. However, that’s not always the case, because there are some examples of great games that managed to impress in spite of their shady origins.

Three tough troublemakers in a fight for survival

Suicide Squad - Special Ops may look like a publicity stunt for the upcoming Hollywood blockbuster, and it no doubt is, but also feels and plays like something designed to be tons of fun. The bareback mechanics and simple graphics yell shovelware, but once you start fragging and let yourself be mesmerized by the action, the game is actually very enjoyable and, surprisingly, well-designed.

There are three characters you can switch between, and all three of them have different play styles and special abilities that come in handy. Hence, Harley is very hands-on with her bat right up in front, while Deadshot prefers to keep his distance and take out enemies from afar. There’s also Diablo, who uses his fire ability to incinerate everything that comes too close.

Special abilities and the possibility to upgrade characters

The action takes place in waves, much like in a tower defense flick, which means that you have to defend a position until the enemy flux comes to a halt. It’s possible to change characters between waves, as well as upgrade them after they gain enough experience. These upgrades allow you to deal more damage or increase your chance for health drops, depending on what you want.

Special abilities play a crucial role as well, because they can make the difference in tough situations. On the other hand, they need to be charged by performing precise hits and combinations, which is no easy task. Lastly, the graphics are actually quite enjoyable, even if the game is obviously designed to run on mobile devices as well.

A surprisingly enjoyable shooter that could take up a few hours of your day

All things considered, it’s the fast-paced nature of the game and its simplicity that impress about Suicide Squad - Special Ops, even if it’s clearly a tiny production with the simple purpose of promoting the movie. However, the gameplay is polished and visceral, which makes the game mildly replayable as well.

Suicide squad First-person shooter Survival FPS Shooter Survival Survive FPS

Suicide Squad - Special Ops was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
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