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Warmonger icon Put your strategy skills to the test in this MOBA/MMO mashup that features fast-paced gameplay and colorful graphics

The greatest attraction in multiplayer games is the fact that they allow players to have fun for hundreds of hours without getting repetitive, given the fact that the action is entirely dependent on the participants. Hence, it’s no wonder that MOBAs have tens of millions of players around the world, especially since they can also be enjoyed as a competitive sport.

Choose your character and enter the battle

Warmonger is a different kind of online game because it mashes together two genres that seem pretty different. Hence, this is a combination of MMO and MOBA, which means that you are constantly at war with the other players in a fantasy world full of monsters. The mechanics are fast-paced and quite enjoyable, but you need a bit of time to get used to them.

You start by selecting a character, and they all come with different abilities and appearances. There are three nations and classes to choose from, although there are many different characters you can opt for. You can then customize them by gaining levels and completing quests, as well as equip better items to improve your abilities and increase the effectiveness of your skills.

Colorful graphics and familiar controls

Since the game is meant to appeal to regular MOBA players, the gameplay mechanics are fairly similar to what you might have seen in Dota or League of Legends. Thus, you have a handful of skills at your disposal that can be used during combat, as well as certain objectives you have to work toward. The goal is to kill enemies and capture territory, but there are solo quests you can complete as well.

As for the controls, you are mostly required to use the mouse for movement and attacking, although your abilities are mapped on the keyboard. Thus, the formula should be very familiar to the veterans of the genre, and even to MMO players, in spite of the fact that there are far fewer hotkeys in Warmonger. The graphics are not bad either, but they can be a tad too colorful for some folks.

A neat combination of genres that might just work

Even if Warmonger isn't a total hit with everyone, it should easily find a niche market to settle into, especially since it’s free of charge. Hence, if you are in the mood for a bit of fighting, but you don’t want to commit to something as serious as World of Warcraft or Dota, this can certainly come in handy.

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Warmonger was reviewed by Teodor Nechita
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Warmonger 28th November 2018

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