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Shadowverse icon Defeat powerful foes and make the best use of your warriors in this CCG with fantasy elements

Although there are plenty of CCGs on the market at the moment, it would seem like there’s always room for one more, especially since there’s no shortage of new ideas. Hence, the genre may be pretty set in stone when it comes to gameplay mechanics, but as far as the cards themselves and the story go, developers are free to integrate a variety of new concepts.

Battle strong foes and collect better cards

Shadowverse is a deck building game in which you get to put your strategies to the test and collect hundreds of fantasy-themed cards to use in battle. Although the idea itself is not very different from every other CCG out there, you can enjoy a few unique traits when it comes to gameplay and story, even if the latter is not as in-depth as many would like.

To begin with, the matches take place in the usual turn-based manner, with each player taking his turn to playing cards and using them to attack. You gain more action points in the later stages, as well as access to other cards from your deck. Special abilities, spells and multiple types of units are included too, all of which have an impact on the type of tactics you can employ.

Decent graphics and simple interface

One of the most interesting gameplay features is the evolve mechanic, which allows you to empower your battle cards whenever the ability is ready. This card gains improved attack and defense, and you can use the ability multiple times per match. Moreover, you can also use special cards that bless your warriors at the beginning of each round, so you can certainly stack up a few bonuses with the right strategy.

One of the issues regarding the game is the fact that the interface can be a bit annoying, mainly because it doesn’t seem fit for a PC. Hence, most gestures appear to be swipes and taps rather than simple mouse clicks, which is a bit of a bummer. Thankfully, you do not have to do anything too mouse-intensive, so this problem fades into the background after enough game time.

A neat CCG for those looking for a break from Hearthstone

All things considered, Shadowverse has its quirks, but the overall experience is worth getting over them. Thus, if you have a soft spot for CCGs and you can ignore the mobile influences, this can certainly keep you busy for a while.

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Shadowverse was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
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Shadowverse 2.3.2

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