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Kaspersky Internet Security icon Delivers advanced protection solutions against different types of Internet threats, including those specifically targeting Mac computers

The built in OS X Gatekeeper functionality prevents from installing applications that have not been downloaded from the Apple App Store, and are not signed with an Apple Developer ID. However, there are many other online threats that target your computer, so having an additional security suite installed on your Mac proves to be a very good idea.

Kaspersky Internet Security proposes easy to use yet powerful solutions for protecting your privacy, blocking spyware and phishing attempts, and making sure your children do not get exposed to inappropriate content.

Powerful security tool featuring a streamlined installation and setup procedure

The Kaspersky Internet Security Mac app comes with both installation and uninstallation tools, which make both procedures extremely user friendly: all you have to do is follow the on screen instructions, but keep in mind that it might take a while. For everything to go smoothly, uninstall any other security applications beforehand.

Note that Kaspersky Internet Security also integrates two browser extensions (URL Advisor and Virtual Keyboard) into your Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari apps: you must confirm the installation, and the add-ons can be easily managed via the Kaspersky Internet Security Preferences panel.

Detect malicious software, secure your online transactions, and manage parental controls

Kaspersky Internet Security can scan your Mac computer in order to detect viruses, worms, trojans, malicious tools, apps that contain adware, auto-dialers, and so on. To identify these threats, Kaspersky Internet Security is using a database that is automatically updated in the background to include the latest malware definitions.

To protect your online transactions, Kaspersky Internet Security integrates the Safe Money technology, which automatically activates the protected mode when visiting specific websites.

In addition, Kaspersky Internet Security allows you to setup parental controls for specific accounts: you can decide which websites are accessible, how much time can be spent online, what personal info can be shared, and what social networks can be used. The app also generates detailed activity reports.

Versatile security solution focused on protecting your privacy and blocking various types of online threats

Kaspersky Internet Security seamlessly integrates into your system and offers you the possibility to check if there are any malware tools on your Mac. Furthermore, Kaspersky Internet Security provides a protected mode when dealing with online transactions, and includes parental controls and monitoring solutions.

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Kaspersky Internet Security was reviewed by Iulia Ivan

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Kaspersky Internet Security

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