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QuickBuild icon Professional software solution that provides support for creating a comprehensive build automation and management server on macOS

QuickBuild is a continuous integration software that can help you increase the speed of your software deliveries. You get to create a server that can be used for testing and deploying projects builds, thus reducing the time spent on integration.

Packs continuous integration capabilities and allows you to test your software

The QuickBuild server offers you the possibility to compile and test your builds, and even enables you to launch multiple builds at the same time. The progress can be monitored in real-time, but you also get statistical charts and notifications about various failures.

Moreover, QuickBuild can be used to push commits and to supervise the deployment of each build. You have access to all the documentation and build artifacts, and you can even run QA comparisons.

Since QuickBuild is able to work with various SCM systems, you can keep track both of the files and user activities with minimal effort. In addition, the server integrates with different issue trackers, which means that you can record all the bugs associated with each build.

Extensive reporting tools that can give you an insight into your project’s development

QuickBuild enables you to visualize the results of each test together with data about failed tests. The best part is that all the results can be grouped by different elements: packages, suites, unit tests frameworks, and so on.

Within the QuickBuild user interface, you will also have access to the source code and to inspection tools that can help you assess the code quality. QuickBuild directly highlights the line of code that generated a particular issue, which is great for debugging.

Well organized build and software management server that aims to streamline the deployment procedure

Bottom line, QuickBuild brings together a plethora of build automation and software management tools that help you test, commit, push, analyze, and deploy your software projects.

The QuickBuild server allows you to create a pipeline, but also integrates extensive reporting tools that can be used to assess the code quality, to run QA tasks, and so on.

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QuickBuild was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan

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QuickBuild 8.0.23

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