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Hearthstone icon A captivating and engaging strategy card game that allows you to use spells, summon creatures and heroes of Warcraft in order to defeat your opponent

Hearthstone is a World of Warcraft-themed Collectible Card Game or CCG in which you can use various cards in numerous challenging battles against other players.

The rules of this fast-paced strategy card game are pretty simple and very easy to learn. Each player starts with 30 health points and one of the heroes of the core World of Warcraft classes.

Intense and entertaining card based strategy game

Your main objective is to deliver powerful hits to your opponents and reduce the number of health points from 30 to 0 before he takes down your hero.

You can use your manna crystals to summon a wide variety of minions, cast spells and arm your hero. Every game starts with only one crystal but you can gain additional crystals each new round and refill your manna with up to 10 crystals.

Hearthstone offers powerful pre-built decks and numerous additional cards that you can craft, win or purchase in order to expand and improve your collection.

Manna crystal based gameplay

Every card you play will cost you a number of crystals, the better the card the more manna crystals you have to pay. As you draw new cards you can play them and summon creatures or cast spells that you can use to attack your opponent. You can play and combine any cards you like as long as you manage to defeat the other player.

All minions feature different health and attack ratings that you can improve with various cards or spells.You can choose to attack your opponent’s hero or the minions that he thrown in the game.

What is more, minion cards have a variety of special traits such as Windfury, Battlecry, Charge, Taunt, Deathrattle and more. You can use the tool tips to discover what you can do with each ability.

Fast paced and intriguing collectible card game with a vast selection of in-game minions

The overall gaming experience is entertaining and engaging, a fact that makes Hearthstone worth playing in order to sharpen your tactics skills and improve your overall card-based gaming prowess.

Also, Hearthstone allows you to discover a ton of new cards and develop complex strategies that can be used to defeat all your opponents.

Strategy game Card game Board game Warcraft Hero Strategy Card

Hearthstone was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan

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