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War Thunder icon An engaging and enthralling online game where you must destroy the enemy tanks, aircraft and human forces in order to win and gain a new rank

There are various WWII themed games nowadays and most of them rely on historical missions that you need to recreate. However, there are some games that bring a little innovation to the table and one of them is War Thunder.

Online multiplayer game that enables you to join major battles

War Thunder is a massive multiplayer online game that brings to the table planes, tanks, and ships that have historically accurate designs together with various environments for you to explore. The ultimate goal is to defeat the enemy team by taking full advantage of all your resources.

To win the game, a team has to either complete all the mission’s objectives first or eliminate all the members of the opposing team.

Note that War Thunder comes with more than 80 different maps that are depicting major battles, so you can prove your skills in various combat missions that take place in the air, on land, or on water.

Control historically accurate vehicles in a realistic environment

The War Thunder's graphics are just amazing and add a lot of value to the title. No matter if you are piloting a plane, driving a tank, or commanding a ship, the overall experience is quite realistic and aims to makes you feel like a true World War II warrior.

You can perform all kinds of maneuvers and listen to a great soundtrack that suits the time period and overall gameplay. The game is played predominantly in PVP mode, but keep in mind that PVE is under development.

Of course, War Thunder relies heavily on team play, so you must try and help your team, if you want it to win. Additionally, the game brings you multiple view settings, so you can view the games from various cameras, which will help you spot your teammates and help them if someone is on their tail.

Furthermore, the damage system is spectacular and quite realistic, and you'll have a blast taking down the enemies and see how they shatter into pieces.

Virtually experience WWII battles and put your warrior skills to the test

All in all, War Thunder is a great online game that can be played free of charge, featuring realistic graphics, a very engaging gameplay and even arcade controls if you prefer them.

War Thunder sports maps for historical WWII battlegrounds and more than 800 aircrafts, tanks, and ships designs, so anyone interested in war games should definitely give this title a try.

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War Thunder was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan

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War Thunder

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