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Optimage icon Optimize your image files and reduce their size to gain more storage space or increase the transfer speed without compromising when it comes to quality

Large image files take up a lot of space, require more bandwidth to transfer, and more time to load which can significantly influence your website's performance.

Optimage is a powerful yet minimalist application that can help you reduce the size of your graphic content without compromising its quality.

Compress your image files and strip the metadata to reduce their size

The Optimage user interface is represented by a small panel on top of which you must drag and drop the image files you want to process. However, before you get started, make sure to go to the Preferences window and select which optimization tools you want active.

Optimage can apply a lossy optimization algorithm that relies on various metrics to create smaller files with up to 50%, yet the changes cannot be perceived visually. In addition, Optimage can strip the ICC color profiles, convert to sRGB, or remove the metadata.

Batch compress image files and see how much space you have gained

To start using the Optimage application, all you have to do is drag and drop the files on top of its main window. The app can work with various image file formats, such as JPG or PNG, with support for GIF and SVG to be added at a later time.

The Optimage utility will automatically apply the compression methods and display the number of photos that have been processed, together with the amount of gained space and how much it represents compared to the original size.

Worth mentioning is that Optimage will perform the changes on the source files, so make sure to back them up in case you want to preserve the originals.

Unsophisticated image file optimizer that can improve the performance of your website or app

Bottom line, Optimage works under the hood to compress your image files and apply various optimizations in an attempt to reduce the file size without making the differences visible.

As a result, you get to decrease the size of your development projects, regardless if you are working on apps or websites. The optimized files translate into smaller attachments, less bandwidth usage, and faster loading times.

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Optimage was reviewed by Iulia Ivan on Dec 9th, 2016

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