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uMatrix icon Web browser add-on designed to help you take control of your online privacy by effortlessly filtering out net requests using a point and click matrix

Online privacy and security is probably the subject everyone talks about nowadays given that such threats have exponentially increased in the past few years.

In order to protect your privacy, you can use a tool such as uMatrix, an add-on compatible with Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera, and designed as a browser firewall with a point-and-click matrix-looking user interface which makes it fast and straightforward to block various types of web page net requests effortlessly.

Blacklist and whitelist net requests to protect your online privacy

Basically, once you install the uMatrix browse extension, it will be the one who decides what your web browser can download, to what web servers it can connect, and precisely what it executes depending on the whitelist/blacklist filters you create using its matrix-like interface.

uMatrix enables you to transform your preferred web browser into two different beasts. The first one would automatically blacklist every kind of net request (e.g., scripts, XHR, plugins, images, cookies, stylesheets and web fonts, and frames) by default and allow you to whitelist any of the ones you need as you browse the web.

The second uMatrix modus operandi makes it easy to have everything whitelisted and progressively blacklist any net request you don't need.

Support for hosts file for easy protection against malware domains and tracking

uMatrix is highly customizable as it lets you blacklist or whitelist an entire class of net requests or even multiple ones with a single mouse click using the type of data or its destination as the deciding factor in blocking the requests.

Furthermore, uMatrix also comes with support for third-party hosts files which provide the extension with an easy way to automatically stop your Mac computer from connecting to a chose list of well-known malicious internet servers to protect it from and automatically block anything from pop-ups, user tracking, ads, and spyware.

User-friendly browser extension for filtering net requests to improve one's security and privacy

Moreover, uMatrix bundles a number of hosts files by default, all of them encompassing tens of thousands of separate web servers known as privacy and security threats.

In a nutshell, having the uMatrix add-on installed on your Mac is a very good idea if you want to protect your privacy while browsing the web and you also require a fast web browser, unencumbered by online user tracking networks and ads.

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uMatrix was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan

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