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MathType icon A practical and fully-featured equation editor that provides the required tools and features to create and edit all sorts of mathematical expressions

MathType is a powerful and versatile Mac OS X application that enables you to edit a wide variety of mathematical equations, expressions and notations in order to prepare them for various word processors, web pages, desktop publishing apps, as well as TeX, MathML and LaTeX documents.

Quickly and effortlessly write and edit complex mathematical equations

From MathType’s main window, you can instantly start writing your equations by using one of the provided templates via MathType’s palettes. All you have to do is to fill in the empty fields and let MathType take care of the formatting, spacing and appearance.

MathType allows you to improve your productivity and reduce the time spend writing mathematical expressions with the help of the user-definable keyboard shortcuts for all available symbols, commands and templates.

Take advantage of the TeX and LaTeX support and speed up your workflow

Mac users familiar with LaTeX or Tex, will be happy to know that you can use the typesetting language to quickly enter equations directly into MathType. You can combine direct TeX editing with point-and-click editing and even import equations from existing TeX documents.

What is more, you can drag and drop most used equations and expressions onto MathType’s toolbar and gain instant access every time you need them. You can even use different colors to highlight parts of your expression and draw your reader’s attention to the right part of the equation.

Smoothly copy or paste expressions as MathML or LaTeX

As mentioned earlier, you can work with both MathML and LaTeX according to your projects’ requirements. Consequently, you can edit and write complex mathematical equations in MathType, copy them to your Mac’s clipboard as LaTeX or MathML when you want to use them in other applications or webpages.

MathType is compatible with more than 700 different applications and websites, and you can check the entire list of supported apps and pages on MathType’s home page.

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MathType was reviewed by George Popescu

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