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Denied icon Enables you to enjoy Top 40 playlists without listening to songs that you don't like by skipping them based on rules defined by you

Denied is an unobtrusive and quite practical OS X application designed to provide you with the tools needed to avoid listening to certain songs, bands or albums.

Saves your ears from the songs, bands and albums you dislike

Denied comes as a companion application for the desktop clients of the popular Spotify online music streaming services, as well as for Apple's iTunes music library manager.

Moreover, Denied is a light and low-key application that “listens” to the songs you're playing on your Mac and automatically skips songs that match the rules defined by you.

Consequently, the tracks can be skipped by title, artist or album, a fact that enables you to listen to Top 40 playlists without listening to music that you dislike.

Quick toggle the app on or off, and effortlessly define custom block rules

Furthermore, by accessing Denied’s status bar menu, you can view a list with all your rules and enable or disable the app. Each rule can be easily defined based on your preferences and if the artist, title or album contains, starts or end with any given set of keywords then the track is skipped.

Denied also enables you to view how many times it saved your ears from hearing songs from a given artist or album.

As an added bonus, Denied's Preferences sub-menu offers you the option to configure Denied to automatically start at login and display notifications via OS X’s Notification Center when a track is skipped.

Automated solution for keeping your ears free of the songs and bands you loathe

It is also worth mentioning that Denied seamlessly integrates with iTunes and the Spotify desktop client, and has promptly skipped the song each and every time keywords from our rules have been matched.

In a nutshell, if you have an extensive enough list of songs, bands or albums that you never want to hear while listening to music on your Mac, Denied is the perfect app to use for making sure that they will never play through your Mac's speakers.

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Denied was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan on May 9th, 2016
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Denied 1.5.1

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