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LuLu icon Open source tool which helps you to monitor and control what applications on your Mac can talk with remote servers on the Internet

Apple's macOS firewall is a handy tool for users who require a high level of security as it blocks unauthorized incoming Internet connections from reaching your Mac.

LuLu is a free macOS app designed to complement macOS' firewall by adding automated blocking capabilities for all outgoing Internet connections.

To be more exact, LuLu runs in the background on your Mac and displays an alert as soon as any application tries to make a connection to a remote Internet server.

Notifies you each time an app tries to connect to a remote server

This allows you to choose which apps can reach the wen from your Mac and, as such, it helps you to significantly increase your privacy by preventing third-party apps or macOS system services and components from sending private data to unknown Internet servers.

Installing and uninstalling LuLu on your Mac is just a matter of running the installer you just downloaded: after you launch it on your computer, the LuLu Installer app gives you the options to install or uninstall LuLu with a mouse click.

Once installed, LuLu will start monitoring and will notify as soon as any process tries to make a connection to a remote server. The alert it displays allows you to view the processs ID and path, as well as the IP address it wants to connect to and the port/protocol it uses.

Helps you block any app's attempts to send data over the Internet

Moreover, when clicking the VirusTotal icon in the alert window, LuLu will query VirusTotal's servers using the process' hash and show you the detection ratio for the process.

If you need further information regarding the process which wants to create a remote connection you can also click the Process Hierarchy icon to get a quick overview view the process' parent name and PID.

When you're done with the process analysis, you can click either the block or the allow button to create a new firewall which LuLu can use in the future to either allow or prevent the app from creating network connections in the future.

The Rules list can be accessed by launching the app or clicking the Rules entry in LuLu's status bar item. In the Rules window, you can add new firewall rules using the "add rule" button, and you can remove any of them by clicking the X icon next to its entry.

Monitors app activity and helps you block any outgoing connections with extreme ease

LuLu also makes it easy to easily save and import your rules easily if you need to move them to another Mac with the help of the two buttons in the bottom left corner of the Rules window.

In a nutshell, if you want to make sure that your apps aren't transmitting your private data to remote Internet servers, installing LuLu on your Mac is a must as it makes monitoring and blocking apps from connecting to remote servers a breeze.

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LuLu was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan

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