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TextExpander 6.2.8

A helpful and unobtrusive application that enables you to improve your writing speed and accuracy ...

Dec 13th 2018, 06:03 GMT
OS X 10.10 or later
Detect It Easy

Detect It Easy 2.01

Easy to use macOS application which can scan various files and folders in order to effortlessly de...

Dec 13th 2018, 03:55 GMT
OS X 10.9 or later

FullContact 18.12.1

Unify the information from your Contacts app, Google and iCloud accounts, synchronize this data ac...

Dec 12th 2018, 19:23 GMT
OS X 10.11 or later

PowerPhotos 1.5.5

Provides you with all the necessary tools to better organize your Photos libraries as well as to f...

Dec 12th 2018, 18:59 GMT
macOS 10.12 or later

ImageOptim 1.8.7

A minimalist macOS application designed to optimize JPEG, PNG, and GIF images by removing unnecess...

Dec 12th 2018, 16:53 GMT
OS X 10.11 or later

ProSync 1.2.4

Synchronize the contents of multiple folders on your Mac and various devices, set up filters, sche...

Dec 12th 2018, 15:55 GMT
Mac OS X 10.7 or later
Remote Buddy

Remote Buddy 1.32.2

User friendly and powerful mapping solution that enables you to control your Mac via your Apple Re...

Dec 12th 2018, 15:52 GMT
Mac OS X 10.7 or later

Clocker 1.6.07

Keep track of the local time in various cities or regions around the world, with the help of this ...

Dec 12th 2018, 15:38 GMT
macOS 10.12 or later
PDF Expert

PDF Expert 2.4.19

Read PDF files, insert annotations, extract pages, merge multiple documents, fill out forms and ad...

Dec 12th 2018, 15:02 GMT
macOS 10.12 or later

RouteConverter 2.25

Helps any macOS user to effortlessly view and convert GPS routes, tracks, and waypoints via a hand...

Dec 12th 2018, 14:26 GMT
Mac OS X 10.7.4 or later
Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.2.4

Offers you the possibility to quickly connect to a Windows-based computer in order to work with it...

Dec 12th 2018, 13:09 GMT
OS X 10.11 or later
Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2019.010.20064

Powerful PDF creation solution that includes both basic and advanced features for all types of use...

Dec 12th 2018, 12:57 GMT
OS X 10.9 or later
Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 2019.010.20064

Very popular multi-platform application that can be used for viewing, printing, signing, as well a...

Dec 12th 2018, 12:55 GMT
OS X 10.9 or later

macOS Mojave Patcher

Helps you create a bootable USB drive for macOS Mojave which will work with older Macs, not officially supported by the operating system
macOS Mojave Patcher

CleanMyMac X

Makes it simple for macOS users to scan for, detect and remove junk files from their computer, delete no longer needed items, guard against malware and more
CleanMyMac X


Free and open source Graphical User Interface for OpenVPN that offers quick and easy control of the OpenVPN client and server connections

iOS (iPhone and iPod Firmware)

Free and easy-to-use firmware update files (IPSWs) designed for quickly installing the latest iOS version on your iPhone and/or iPod device
iOS (iPhone and iPod Firmware)

iOS (iPad Firmware)

IPSW update files designed to help you effortlessly restore and / or update your iPad to the latest software version using Apple's iTunes
iOS (iPad Firmware)


A free and open source plain-text editor for your Mac that enables you to edit source code in various programming languages with ease

Carbon Copy Cloner

User-oriented and fully-featured backup and cloning utility specially designed to help Mac users make a bootable backup of the entire system
Carbon Copy Cloner


Free macOS application designed to help you perform a large variety of optimization, maintenance, and customization tasks via a very simple and intuitive interface


A handy and useful system maintenance and cleaning utility that enables you to clean, optimize and speed up your Mac with just a few mouse clicks

Progressive Downloader

A fast, simple, clean and versatile multi-threaded download manager that enables you to quickly and effortlessly download multiple files
Progressive Downloader


Apple's presentation tool enables you to quickly create your own professional looking slideshows by adding amazing transitions, 3D charts and more


Fully-featured spreadsheet application that enables you to setup everything from the family budget, to lab reports and comprehensive financial documents


A streamlined and easy-to-use word processor that enables you to create professional-looking documents in just a couple of minutes

The Unarchiver

Powerful and very fast archive expander designed to decompress Zip, Rar, 7-zip,Tar-GZip, Tar-BZip2, StuffIt, LhA and many other archive formats
The Unarchiver


Lightweight and user-friendly system personalization utility that makes it simple and fast to toggle and customize a wide array of hidden macOS features and options
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  • OnyX
  • Maintenance
  • Progressive Downloader
  • Keynote
  • Numbers
  • Pages
  • The Unarchiver
  • Deeper
  • macOS Mojave Patcher
  • CleanMyMac X
  • Tunnelblick
  • iOS (iPhone and iPod Firmware)
  • iOS (iPad Firmware)
  • CotEditor
  • Carbon Copy Cloner

MacLoggerDX 6.20 / 6.21 Beta 91

Streamlined and powerful macOS application designed to help you organize and instantly tune into a...

Dec 12th 2018, 12:52 GMT
OS X 10.9 or later

GrandPerspective 2.1.1

Generate colorful tree map representations for any folder on your disk in order to quickly identif...

Dec 12th 2018, 03:57 GMT
OS X 10.9 or later

Timey 3.1.6

Status bar based timer application for macOS that also includes stopwatch capabilities and can int...

Dec 12th 2018, 02:02 GMT
macOS 10.13 or later
vCard Editor2

vCard Editor2 3.1.4

View and edit vCard or CSV contact files and even generate QR codes for your contacts via an uncom...

Dec 12th 2018, 01:57 GMT
OS X 10.11 or later

PomoDoneApp 1.5.18

Time management application that connects with multiple task management services and helps you app...

Dec 12th 2018, 00:10 GMT
OS X 10.9 or later
File Peek

File Peek 1.1

Simple to use macOS hex editing application which also provides a Base64 encoding tool for embeddi...

Dec 11th 2018, 18:07 GMT
OS X 10.10 or later
Opus One

Opus One 1.7.1

A beautifully designed calendar and task manager that offers you the possibility to track both you...

Dec 11th 2018, 17:36 GMT
OS X 10.11 or later

iNet 2.6.2

A handy and user-oriented app that helps you view and analyze data and information about the netwo...

Dec 11th 2018, 15:13 GMT
OS X 10.9 or later
Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote 16.20

Offers you the possibility to manage and sync your notes to all your devices by making use of your...

Dec 11th 2018, 12:33 GMT
macOS 10.12 or later
Contact Book

Contact Book 2.2.2

A lightweight and practical application that enables you to manage and organize your contacts into...

Dec 11th 2018, 11:59 GMT
Mac OS X 10.7 or later

Cuprum 1.6.7

Easy to use Gerber viewer for macOS that can work with multiple layers and can be used to analyze,...

Dec 11th 2018, 10:46 GMT
OS X 10.11 or later
Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR

A cross-platform runtime designed to help developers use once code to develop native applications ...

Dec 11th 2018, 10:43 GMT
Mac OS X 10.6 or later

BigHairyGoal 2.5.5508

A no-frills and interactive macOS solution for creating diagrams, organizing ideas and planning th...

Dec 11th 2018, 08:40 GMT
OS X 10.11 or later

Router 1.9.3

Open and explore route files that come in different file formats, such as GPX, TCX, KML, FIT, or P...

Dec 11th 2018, 06:50 GMT
macOS 10.13 or later
Road Trip Planner

Road Trip Planner 4.5.96

Helps you create both driving and walking itineraries for your trips, and can provide essential de...

Dec 11th 2018, 04:56 GMT
OS X 10.11 or later
Translate Tab

Translate Tab 2.0.3

A powerful and very easy to use text translation macOS utility that makes it easier for you to tra...

Dec 11th 2018, 04:27 GMT
OS X 10.10 or later
Air Doc

Air Doc 3.2

A reliable and seamless software solution for quickly transferring files from your Mac to your iPa...

Dec 11th 2018, 03:41 GMT
OS X 10.11 or later
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