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Resolutionator icon Offers you a very fast way to switch your Mac's screen resolution, directly from OS X's menu bar or with the help of a keyboard shortcut

Resolutionator is a straightforward OS X utility that is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to switch your Mac’s screen resolution without having to fiddle about in the System Preferences.

Switch between resolutions with a few clicks from the menu bar or via a keyboard shortcut

And what better place for such a useful little app, if not OS X’s menu bar? That’s right, after its installation, Resolutionator will seamlessly integrate itself into the status bar from where it will display all the supported resolutions for your Mac’s screen.

It may seem like not much, but Resolutionator has some other few tricks and advantages to offer: it enables you to use other resolutions than those displayed in the System Preferences panel and to instantly switch resolutions with the help of user-defined keyboard shortcuts, just to get started.

View all external displays connected to your Mac and change their resolution with just a few clicks

In addition, Resolutionator is capable of detecting any other external displays connected to your Mac and makes it possible for you to quickly switch their resolutions directly from the menu bar.

If, by now, you are probably wondering who would benefit from what Resolutionator has to offer, the answer is quite simple: this app is perfectly aimed at OS X users who either work with multiple displays and need different resolutions and at users who often find themselves having to switch the resolution of their Mac’s screen.

A special shout-out for users with Retina Macs

But, Resolutionator also makes sense in the world of Retina displays where, for example, it enables you to use resolutions greater than your Mac’s real resolution. Not only this, but users with Retina Macs might also find this app very useful in situations where the native resolution makes everything seem way to small.

To conclude, Resolutionator is not the kind of app that will impress you in any way, and chances are you will not even notice its presence in the menu bar. But, if you are the type of user who needs to often switch between screen resolutions or works with more than one display on his Mac, then you will surely consider this little app a must-have.

Change screen resolution Resolution changer Toggle monitor resolution Changer Resolution Toggler Retina

Resolutionator was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica

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