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Tyke icon The simplest note-taking app you can imagine, which can be accessed from your menu bar with a single click and provides you with a bit of scratch paper for your notes

Whether you’re working or just wasting time on the web, it’s often necessary to write down something important that you need to remember for later. In the old days you would have just written it down on a piece of paper, but good luck finding one of those around today, let alone something with which to write.

Tyke is that tiny piece of paper that you always seemed to have lying around, and which you always managed to lose. It sits in your menu bar and lets you write down quick notes without opening a new text editor window.

Unobtrusive menu bar note app

After launching Tyke, you will be able to access it from its menu bar icon. Simply click it once to bring up the miniature text editor where you can write down or paste whatever you need. There is no limit to how much type, but the window’s dimensions will always remain fixed.

No formatting options or other advanced features are available, as this app was designed to be as simple and lightweight as possible. You can, however, enable smart quotes by right-clicking the icon. Text formatting is also removed when pasting something, which can be helpful, though ⌘+⇧+V does the same job.

Light on features but very useful

Tyke can’t be compared to text editors or even most note-taking apps. It was designed to provide you with a place to write or paste something without going through any unnecessary steps. All you need to do is click the icon once and start typing, and you can close it by just clicking anywhere else on the desktop.

The scratch paper is intended for writing down anything that isn’t large or important enough to be stored in a document. Anything you have typed will be deleted when the app is shut down, so remember to copy it somewhere else if you still need it!

Simple way to store quick notes

Overall, Tyke is a great tool for users who need a quick way to store some text. As long as you remember what it was designed for and can do without advanced features, this app should get the job done just fine.

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Tyke was reviewed by Catalin Chelariu

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