White iPhone 4 Not Thicker than Black Version, Consumer Reports Confirms

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Using high-quality calipers, Consumer Reports trashed news that Apple’s White iPhone 4 was thicker than the black version. The group also confirmed that accessories fit perfectly on the handset.

Citing optical illusions rather than actual hardware discrepancies, Consumer Reports said “…when we compared a white iPhone 4 with a black iPhone 4 in our Yonkers, NY, lab using high-quality calipers, we found they were both the same thickness (0.37 inches).”

The group said “this supports Apple's assertion that the devices are the same size.”

Apple’s Phil Schiller had also gone on record to claim the two phones were identical in size.

“Wearing black is the time-honored technique for appearing thinner without shedding an pound. Apparently it works for the iPhone 4, as well,” Consumer Reports said.

The reviewers also fitted several cases bought for the black iPhone 4 during the Antennagate fiasco and confirmed that “All fit the white iPhone 4 as well as they did the black version.”

Cases included the Griffin Etch Graphite (a hard-backed case with soft rubber-like sides), the Incases Snap Case (a hard plastic case), and the official Apple Bumper specifically created for the iPhone 4.

They’re not done with it, though. The phone is still undergoing check-tests for Ratings and the reviewers will be paying particular attention to the camera, a part believed to have been directly responsible for the 10-month delay of the white iPhone 4.

The organization still recommends that iPhone 4 buyers strap a Bumper onto it for better reception.

Whether it’s the white or black iPhone, the GSM or CDMA version, they all suffer from reception issues, Consumer Reports says.

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