Consumer Reports: iPhone 5 Lens Flare Is Normal

Product review group declares the purple haze thing a non-issue

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Consumer Reports has released a new analysis on the iPhone 5 focusing on the widely-reported lens flare issue experienced by early adopters. The product review group says there’s nothing to worry about, and that such behavior is normal.

Echoing Apple’s own claims regarding this non-issue with the latest iPhone, Consumer Reports says the iPhone 4S displayed the same purple haze when its testers oriented the device at a particular angle.

“The Apple iPhone 5, which our Ratings reveal is a standout camera, is no more prone to purple hazing on photos shot into a bright light source than its predecessor or than several Android phones with fine cameras, according to special Consumer Reports tests,” the magazine said.

As usual, the organization elaborated on their findings, noting that the phone's camera did the reported haze when the testers shot into a bright light source in their labs.

However, the review team insisted that “it didn't do so in any more pronounced a fashion than did the iPhone 4S or two Android-based smart phones, the Samsung Galaxy S III and Motorola Droid Razr Maxx, when we tested those under the same conditions.”

The group said the haze was sometimes purple, and sometimes of another color. At times it was even a rainbow, said Consumer Reports, adding that all lens are prone to experiencing this issue, “even those made for expensive SLRs.”

“Some expensive advanced cameras, and even many point-and-shoots, have special lens coatings that can limit or eliminate such flare, and possibly associated colored haze,” said Consumer Reports.

Like Apple, the magazine advises users to shield the lens with their hand or with another object, to avoid the flare. Another resolution is to change the frame of the photo altogether to avoid funny angles.

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iPhone 4S purple haze
iPhone 5 purple haze
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