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Special-edition Surface Pro 6 sold by Microsoft at discounted price
   Special-edition Surface Pro 6 sold by Microsoft at discounted price

If you were waiting for this year’s Black Friday to get a new Surface Pro model at a lower price, this is pretty much the best news you can get right now.

Microsoft is selling the brand-new Surface Pro 6 at a much lower price, and it also comes with some extra goodies as part of an offer you won’t believe.

A bundle that includes the Surface Pro 6 and a Platinum Signature Type Cover is available right now for just $599, obviously while supplies last. So if you want one, get it right now using this link.

Now, some extra info. First and foremost, the discount is quite substantial. The Surface Pro 6 normally starts at $899, while a Type Cover is available for an extra $129.99, so the base configuration would technically be available for over $1,000 without any discounts.

Special-edition Surface Pro 6 model

However, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 6 comes with either an Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 processor, whereas this discounted bundle features a special-edition model powered by an Intel Core m3 processor with 4GB RAM. Sure, it may feel a bit slower than its more premium counterparts, but the price is still too good to miss.

As The Verge notes, Best Buy is also selling the same bundle at the same price, so if Microsoft runs out of stock before you complete your order, there’s still hope.

Microsoft is also selling two other Surface Pro bundles, though pricing this time is significantly higher. The Surface Pro 6 with Platinum Signature Type Cover Bundle (Intel Core i5, 128GB SSD, 8GB RAM) can be yours for $1,159, while the same device but with 256GB storage is up for grabs for $1,459.

As said, all these offers run as supplies last, and there’s a chance that more special prices would be announced in time for the Black Friday frenzy about to kick off across the US.

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