Comes in a 7,3-inch tablet format that closes like a book

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Samsung foldable smartphone prototype
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   Samsung foldable smartphone prototype

Samsung revealed a prototype smartphone device featuring the highly teased and rumored Infinity Flex foldable display during the Samsung Developer Conference 2018 Opening Keynote.

While the device was not presented in full lighting presumable to protect design elements that would otherwise be revealed and potentially "borrowed" by other smartphone manufacturers, it definitely showed what a foldable smartphone would look like in the very near future.

Furthermore, the prototype was "boxed" in using a black enclosure for the same purpose, to protect the actual design the device will have on release.

As demonstrated by Samsung during their conference opening note, their foldable phone will come in a tablet-like format, with a primary 7,3-inch display that closes like a book transforming into a smaller device featuring a candybar format.

Although it looked quite bulky while being showed off on stage, it's important to keep in mind that that was just a prototype designed to exhibit what a device using an Infinity Flex display is capable of.

The foldable smartphone also features app continuity design to keep content in sync between displays

As described by Samsung, the foldable devices are capable of running three applications at the same time using a new multitasking feature dubbed Multi-Active Window.

The prototype's cover display is a fully functional smartphone display which allows you to use all your apps as you would on any other smartphone without having to open the foldable device.

Samsung's foldable smartphone will also come with an app continuity feature which makes sure that the app you're using on the "cover display" (the display available when the device is folded) will be waiting for you when the phone is unfolded, on the main screen.

The future Samsung foldable smartphone will use their new user interface design dubbed One UI, featuring new rounded icons and a new design language meant to allow Android users to focus on "what really matters."

Moreover, the One UI is still in beta, with users having the chance to give it a sping on Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, and Note 9 phones before its official release in January 2019.

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Samsung foldable smartphone prototype
Samsung foldable smartphone prototypeSamsung foldable smartphone prototype
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