Future update to bring more fitness features

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TicWatch C2
   TicWatch C2

Mobvoi is becoming one of the most active players in the wearables industry, and after announcing the new TicWatch E2 and S2 models, the company is also preparing for more improvements in terms of software.

The Chinese firm confirmed at CES 2019 this week that its fitness software suite offered to TicWatch buyers would be greatly improved with the addition of new capabilities, including an Apple Watch-like fall detection option.

While Mobvoi hasn’t shared too many specifics on how it’s going to work, there’s no doubt it will be similar to its sibling available on the Apple Watch.

Apple’s version uses its sensors to detect a sudden drop or fall of the person wearing the watch, and displays an alert to see if any further action is required. If no input is offered, the Apple Watch then automatically contacts emergency contacts or services.

If the Apple Watch detects that the wearer is still moving, it waits for confirmation before starting a call to emergency services. Sensors like the heart-rate monitor are also used to track the health of the user.

New fitness features

Most likely, Mobvoi’s smartwatches will employ similar functionality, and the company confirmed that all TicWatch models featuring a Snapdragon processor would support it. This means the new-generation TicWatch devices would all get it, including the Pro, C2, S2, and E2. An ETA as to when the release is projected to start hasn’t yet been shared.

Additionally, the Chinese firm is also preparing other software improvements, including new gestures to easily launch the Google Assistant by simply flicking the wrist. TicWatch models will also be capable of controlling drones right from the screen.

Mobvoi wants to improve the fitness capabilities of its watches too, so the company is working on a new personal trainer feature that will guide users as they work out. Similar applications are already available on fitness-oriented smartwatches, like Fitbit’s, but they are often available with a fee.

And last but not least, the recently-announced TicWatch S2 received MIL-STD-810g certification, so in addition to its more rugged design, it’s also supposed to survive in tougher conditions.

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