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Makeroid Builder icon Create Android apps using this web-based software that does not require coding skills, add a variety of elements, join blocks to define their behavior and run real-time testing.

Makeroid provides an extensive collection of reliable tools to help anyone build Android applications inside a very intuitive interface, even without programming knowledge. The browser-based solution lets you drag dozens of components, customize their appearance and behavior, test the apps in real-time and export the final versions.

After setting up the account, the software invites users to access documentation and the community section to find out the details they need to know before starting the practical implementation. All that information is still available at any time via the buttons on the dashboard.

When you feel ready to begin the building process, initiate a new project, choose a proper name for the app and design the user interface through the intuitive panel on the left that integrates a multitude of powerful instruments. Click the question mark placed next to each tool in the list to disclose its utility, then drag and drop the desired ones inside the work area.

The platform provides over 140 components which promise to give different features to your apps. You can add buttons, images, checkboxes, rating bars, sliders or text boxes, and edit any of their properties in the components area on the right, such as background color, height, width or font size.

Next, open the “Blocks” tab to define components’ behavior and decide what happens, for instance, when a user presses or long clicks a button, checks or unchecks an option, the zoom level of a map changes or a rating bar gets a particular number of stars.

The software supports two distinct methods of testing the app in real-time. The first one implies the “Companion” function that generates a QR code to scan with your smartphone, while the second one asks you to connect the device via a USB cable and see every alteration instantly.

In the end, export the app using the QR code automatically generated, and save the project as an APK file.

Bottom Line

Makeroid is a web-based platform that enables you to create Android applications effortlessly and without the need of typing any line of code. Take advantage of the massive number of tools available, insert buttons, text, labels, social features, and any other components, program them using blocks, run real-time testing and export the final version of the apps.

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