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NiftyISO icon Manage internal and external audits with this cloud-based software that offers the appropriate tools to let you verify compliance with ISO standards.

NiftyISO is a web-based solution developed specifically for small and medium-sized companies to help them ensure consistency of their business activities and identify non-conformances against the most popular ISO standards. The online software provides the right features for external as well as internal audits and enables auditors to perform the required procedures during multiple sessions without losing previous data.

Once accessed the dashboard, the app presents a gradual setup process to guide you through each step efficiently and recommends first to add data about your organization. Besides the name already revealed in the account creation form, it asks you to specify the business type, country, city, address, ZIP code, and phone number, write down a short description and upload a logo.

Then start including users and disclose some personal information about all members of the auditing team, indicate their names and email addresses, create passwords, attach profile pictures, and edit permissions.

The platform offers support for various ISO standards, such as 9001, 18001, and 27001, that you can save as templates for both internal and third-party audits. Customize the predefined questionnaires, modify items, remove unnecessary elements and insert new queries to better understand the external and internal contexts of the audited company.

Furthermore, the software enables your team to run full, follow up, cyclic or roll on audits and measure the consistency of processes within the entire organization or in a particular department. Experts can perform the audit activities in multiple sessions and locations, without the risk of losing the initial data and even without a permanent Internet connection. Thanks to the native Android and iOS apps they can upload documents, PDFs, pictures, audio, and video files as evidence even when offline, and categorize non-conformances.

Based on the collected information, the platform generates professional-looking reports to present conformances, non-conformances, auditors’ performance, and audit effectiveness. Export reports as PDF or Word files, download your data and archive old audits.

Bottom Line

NiftyISO is a web-based app that enables auditing organizations and independent experts to plan, perform and supervise audit activities. Auditors can implement the required procedures in many sessions and locations, write comments and upload documents, pictures and other files as evidence, even when offline. The software was created for small and medium-sized companies to verify their compliance with the most popular ISO standards.

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