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Weemss icon Use this web-based software to organize, promote and supervise events, sell tickets, accept payments in any currency and view results.

Weems is a browser-based app that helps you plan, create, advertise and manage various types of events, such as festivals, concerts, competitions, workshops, and conferences. Build a promotion page or embed the registration form into an existing website, create and sell multiple ticket categories, let customers choose their seats using interactive charts, process payments efficiently and examine analytics.

After setting up the account, the online solution asks you to add the necessary information about your organization, including name, logo, location, date and time formats. The next rational step is to send email invitations to all colleagues working on the same project.

Repeat the operation and form other organizations if the company decided to designate separate teams for different reunions, seminars or parties.

The app provides support for many types of events, varying from festivals that involve selling tickets and award ceremonies, to performances that let customers pick their seats and register personal data individually. Select the appropriate option from the beginning because you cannot change it later.

Next, start entering details about the future happening and specify its title, date, duration and default language. Disclose the venue capacity to set a maximum number of participants, design at least one ticket category if you intend to organize this kind of event, choose a template, along with the information displayed on each entry permit and the scan method, then select a payment method.

Build a custom page to promote the event or embed the registration form into the company’s website and send confirmation messages to your future customers after data entry. Explore analytics to track registrations, see the number of tickets sold in each category and check the income.

Bottom Line

Weems enables you to organize, promote and manage events. Handle this online software to sell different ticket categories, let customers choose their seats, use registration forms to collect participants data, process payments, monitor sales and analyze results.

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